Columbia Grove's aim is to help fulfill the physical, spiritual, and intellectual needs of the Columbia-Willamette Pagan community. We hope to positively represent an Indo-European Polytheist religion through both public and private rituals, as well as through specific workshops and community projects. Our intent is to serve the greater good of the public and society as a whole through an adherence to meaningful social action. All pagans and pagan-friendly peoples are welcomed to join our rituals and they are Family Friendly as well. During our rituals we welcome the varied Gods and Goddesses of all our guests, their unique ancestors, and abundant spirits of nature.

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Anglo-Saxon Winterfylleth
a ritual to Ingui-Frea, the elves and the Paternal Ancestors

When: Saturday November 9th

Arrival: 6:30 PM and Ritual starts promptly at 7:00 PM.


West Hills Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

8470 SW Oleson Rd, Portland, Oregon 97223

Join the members of Columbia Grove for an Anglo-Saxon Winterfylleth (Winter-Fullness) celebration! We mark the start of the Winter half of the year, beginning the 1st full moon after the Autumnal Equinox. We will honor the Anglo-Saxon God Ingui-Frea, Lord of Peace and Pleasure (known to the Norse as Freyr), the Ælfs (nature and ancestral spirits), and the paternal line ancestors. We will also be doing a magical working to create a portable blessed home space to ward us through the dark season of Winter.

Appropriate offerings for Ingui-Frea include pork or venison, images of boars or deer, grain, beer or cider, and food from your garden. Offerings for the Ælfs and ancestors are often cooked food and alcohol or milk. Offerings of song, or poetry that relate to those we are honoring are always welcome.


--- If we will be indoors in a smaller space, please change to "Offerings of song or poetry..." We wouldn't have had room to dance indoors last time

This rite is all ages and we invite you to bring offerings to your own ancestors, nature spirits and deities. 

Available on itunes and Stitcher 
This is Part the Mist, a podcast hosted by a couple of Druids. Arin and Jonathan are members of an ADF Grove in Portland, Oregon. They talk about a variety of topics that relate to Druidism and Druidry, including ancestor veneration, nature veneration, reciprocity, ethical behavior at public rituals, and various Hearth Cultures, among a variety of other topics, and they interview other Druids about their experiences and specialties. 

Nestled in the Mt. Adams territory, Columbia Grove, ADF welcomes you to share the long summer days with us at the White Mountain Druid Sanctuary, part of Trout Lake Abbey. Workshops, Communion, Rituals, and Fellowship amongst stone circles and streams. Learn from the spirits of the in-between. Join us as we become one with our Ancestors, Nature Spirits, Gods/Goddesses, and YOU!

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