Columbia's Order of the Dead


The Order will focus on the studying and application of various methods to honor the Ancestors and the Dead. Ancestors include, but are not limited to, those connected by Blood (family), by Heart (friends adopted as family), and by Land (those who lived in the area long before). The Dead are honored year-round because they are part of the community and always with us. Some of the activities and operations maintained by Columbia’s Order of the Dead are as follows…


  • We will explore Ancestor veneration through Ritual & Meditations

  • Learn how to build an Ancestor shrine

  • Explore various hearth cultures’ practices in dealing with their Dead (history, myths, superstitions)

  • Develop a variety of rituals to assist the grieving process and the Dead’s       departed soul.

  • We will look into ways to honor the Dead unknown to us, those who reside in packed cemeteries, so they are never forgotten or neglected.


Finally the Order will also branch out and explore how the Dead are viewed in modern times (hospice care, green burials, etc) and raise practical awareness of our own Death (writing a will, what kind of burial/ceremony, get affairs in order).


Contact the Order Leader for more information!