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We're located in and around Portland Oregon, and when we're not virtual we host ritual at West Hills Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Tigard.

Welcome to Columbia Grove, ADF!

Columbia Grove's aim is to help fulfill the physical, spiritual, and intellectual needs of the Columbia-Willamette Pagan community. We hope to positively represent an Indo-European Polytheist religion through both public and private rituals, as well as through specific workshops and community projects. Our intent is to serve the greater good of the public and society as a whole through an adherence to meaningful social action. All pagans and pagan-friendly peoples are welcomed to join our rituals and they are Family Friendly as well. During our rituals we welcome the varied Deities of all our guests, their unique ancestors, and abundant spirits of nature.

We are a Polytheist Neo-pagan ADF Druid Group that hosts public rituals and a whole lot more! Read more...

Our rituals are open to all pagan-friendly peoples! No experience in Druidry required. Our events are all ages and open to pagans of all spiritual paths. Check out our calendar here! 

We are an ADF Druid Grove but what exactly does that mean? Read more...

Questions are always welcome! Feel free to check out our FAQ for some common ones. Read more...

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