We ask our guests to follow these suggestions and rules to ensure the dignity and sanctity of our gatherings and the privacy of our guests.


Soliciting or proselytizing on the behalf of business, political, or religious groups and/or personal interests without express, formal permission of the Grove is not acceptable.


Disruptive or disorderly conduct is grounds for immediate dismissal from the site as is the use of any unlawful substance or act that would be contrary to any current state or federal legislation.


The use of photographic or video/audio recording devices of any kind is strictly prohibited without prior express permission from the event organizers and participants.


Individuals in violation of any of the above will be asked to leave the event and will not be welcome in the future.


Ritual Dress: Some of us dress in ritual garb such as robes, and others dress in street clothes. Our rituals are worship services, so we ask that you dress in a manner that shows respect for our Kindred.


Children: As Neo-pagans wanting to pass on our traditions to our young ones, we welcome their presence. However, we do not currently offer child-friendly alternative activities to keep them occupied during the ritual.  All children are welcomed to our rituals and we enjoy their participation in our rites.  Our rituals are geared towards people of all ages to enjoy. So bring them along to the next rite.



Animal Companions:(except service animals) Though we understand the joy of animal companions, we do ask that you refrain from bringing them to public ritual. This protects your animal as well as yourself and other guests who, unknown to us, may have severe allergies, or a real fear or aversion to an animal due to personal trauma. Children also love to interact with animals, but sometimes this can be problematic.

The grove wants everyone to feel that they are in a safe space when they come to ritual, with a minimal amount of distractions. Please respect the sanctity of our worship experiences together, and protect your beloved pets by keeping them safe at home.



Length of Ritual: Though we try to practice brevity, the grove feels it is most important that we take the time necessary to properly address the Kindred and work with each other as a community where everyone has a chance to participate on some level. Generally, our rituals last about 90 minutes, once begun. However, Samhain and Beltane rituals could last longer. Please arrive ready to give of this time to the gods and feel free to bring a camp chair should you feel that standing through the entire ritual may be difficult.


Offerings: Please feel free to bring an offering for the deity of the occasion, your personal patrons, or any ancestors or nature spirits. There is an opportunity in the rite for these offerings to take place.


Potluck: Our tradition is to hold a potluck meal after the ritual. It is especially appropriate to bring something which you make yourself, but that is not necessary. Some of us are flesh eaters, so any sort of food is fine, but please remember that some of our members and guests are vegetarian. If you are vegan or are on another special diet, you probably should bring your own food rather than relying upon others to recognize your needs.


Personal Concerns: Please inform our event organizers privately if you have an aversion to touching or other similar concerns so we may make you as comfortable as possible.


Cell Phones and Pagers: Please silence your cell phones and pagers. It disrupts the flow of our rituals.


Students: We welcome students of religion and anthropology to our gatherings, but ask that real names not be used in any reports or other descriptive writing that might result from your visit. Please talk about your studies with our Senior Organizer or Presiding Druid of the ritual, and please be respectful of our spirituality.


Donations: The grove asks for a suggested donation of $5 per person to cover the costs of the ritual and site rental to help us continue to provide public ritual. Whatever you are able to give is most welcomed. However, should this be a difficulty, please know that you are still most welcome. Your presence is valued above all.