Nature Awareness Guild

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The Nature Awareness Guild strives to create a community of pagans who are passionate about honoring our Earth through volunteer work, engaging meet-ups, and other various forms of pagan land connection. 

It is our mission to engage with our Pacific Northwest environment through discussion meet-ups and physical involvement for those who are able. Guild events will include volunteering with groups such as Friends of Trees (Planting trees), volunteering with Hoyt Arboretum, Learning/identifying local flora/fauna, volunteering with local animal sanctuaries and wildlife groups, a couple annual scheduled hiking and camping events and meditation destination trips for nature connection.

The Nature Awareness Guild is lead by Columbia Grove member Amber Araneae (Spider) who has been with Columbia grove since 2014 and an ADF Druid officially since 2015. She has a background working with nature deities and spirits and is a plant-focused biology student at Portland State University. Amber is the current Chief Druid and Dedicant Study Group Leader for Columbia Grove, ADF.

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