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Full Core Membership


Being a full Core Member of Columbia Grove is the second (and highest) tier of membership with Columbia Grove.


Core Member opportunities include: 

  • All of the perks of being a Friend of Columbia.

  • Running for and holding elected ADF grove leadership positions

  • Holding coordinator and officer positions.

  • Coordinating outreach opportunities and events.

  • Writing and leading our public rituals.

  • Creating and leading special interest groups.

  • Voting at our monthly buisness and yearly bylaws meetings. 

  • Voting in all major grove decisions and the annual election.

The requirements for joining as a Full Core Member are.

  • Joining first as a Friend of Columbia. 

  • Attending three of our rituals within a 12-month period. This requirement is in place so you can get a good feel of our members, ritual style, and so we can get to know you!

  • Attending at least 3 of our monthly grove buisness meetings within a 12-month period.

  • Membership dues of $50 a year  ($25 upgrade from Friend of Columbia)



If you have any questions or have a current Friend of Columbia membership and would like to upgrade to Core Membership, please let us know Here!

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