Columbia's ADF Dedicant Path Study Group


Columbia’s study group program is the Dedicant Path through Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF). This is a personal, spiritual path that takes the average Dedicant about 1 year to complete. We meet up once a month to discuss certain topics, ask questions, and share our individual experiences with each other.

All of the materials needed to start the Dedicant Path study program are given through membership with ADF and because of such, membership with ADF is a requirement. Click here if you want more information on ADF Druidry!


We strongly recommend those who are interested in the Study Program read through the ADF website FAQ’s to determine if this could be a good spiritual match for them.

One nice aspect of ADF Neo-druidry is that it allows each person the freedom to develop their spirituality and walk multiple pagan paths harmoniously while encouraging and stimulating individual scholarly research and reflection. (Most of our Dedicants are dual path Wicca/Druid, or on dual Druid Paths OBOD/ADF etc.)

Some of the types of assignments include:

  • Short essays on virtues

  • Book reviews on Ancient Indo-European cultures, modern religious revival, and Cultural Mythology.

  • Meditation focus, understanding, and regular practice

  • Short essays on High Day cultural research and witnessed (or performed) rites.

  • Reports on the Three Kindred: The Well that connects us to the Ancestors, The Fire that connects us to the Gods and Goddesses, and the Tree, the Nature Spirits that connect this world to the worlds above and below

  • Keeping a Journal (physical or digital)

  • Constructing a Home Shrine/Altar


Assignments are broken up, 1 per week for 52 weeks and we discuss 4 each month,  but everyone works at their own pace. Many assignments are merely personal reflections, others are short 150-300 word essays, and some of the final essays towards completion being a bit longer.

Our Dedicant group strives to create a community of scholars who support each other no matter if one Dedicant is on week 1 or another is on week 30. The most important aspect is that each Dedicant has the ability to grow and discuss with one another if that works best for them as opposed to approaching the Path as a solitary and potentially losing motivation.

Our meet ups are virtual and we meet one evening (mid-week) each month at 6:30 pm. These meetings generally last about 1 hour.


If you think the Dedicant Path and our Study Group is the right option for you and you’ve chosen membership with ADF, please let us know and we will add you to our Study Group!

~Amber (Spider)

Columbia’s Dedicant Path Study Group Leader


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