Giving Back as of (10/04/19)

Columbia's members are willing to donate their time and effort to help support the local Pagan and Non-Pagan communities in Oregon. Below is the total hours donated since 2014 to helping those in need:


Volunteer Hours for 2019

Friends of Trees (Wetland Restoration) 21 native tree/shrub species planted: 5 hours

ADF Prison Ministry at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility: 42 hours

Wetlands Amphibian Survey Work with Tualatin Parks and Recreation: 17 hours

SOLVE and Friends of Woods Park (Invasive Ivy removal) and SOLVE Beach Litter Clean-up in Seaside Oregon: 61 hours

Donation to National Forest Foundation (California Wildfire Restoration Fund): $170, 170 trees planted

Pagan Prison Ministry at Oregon State Correctional Institution: 12 hours

Forest Park Conservancy Trail Restoration: 12 hours

Friends of Columbia Gorge (Native tree planting) 39 trees planted: 18 hours

Litter pick up at Hoyt Arboretum: 24 hours

Headstone Cleaning (Cemetery Restoration) at Lone Fir Cemetery: 34 hours

Total Currently for 2019 (as of October 4th) 

225 Hours! 

Number of Trees Planted: 60 (Hands-On) and 170 through Fundraising

Volunteer hours for 2018: 


Friends of Trees (wetland restoration and urban tree plantings): 74 hours


SOLVE (removal of invasive species in a local cemetery): 24 hours


Forest Park Conservancy (removing invasive species and park maintenance): 10 hours

The Nature Conservancy (removing invasive species): 9 hours

Beach Litter removal: 14 hours

Forest Park Litter removal: 18 hours


ADF Prison Ministry at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility: 15 hours

Prison Ministry work at the following: 

Oregon State Correctional Institution

Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution

Two Rivers Correctional Institution

Deer Ridge Correctional Institute

Total: 385 hours

Total Number of Volunteer Hours for 2018:

550 hours!
Number of Trees Planted for 2018: 102!


Volunteer Hours prior to 2018

ADF Prison Ministry at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility: 105 hours


Operation Reciprocity Homeless Outreach: 6 hours


Lone Fir Cemetery Clean Up: 25 hours


Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center: 79 hours