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Local Resources

The folx at Columbia Grove have compiled a list of resources for anyone seeking them in the Portland and neighboring areas of Oregon and Washington. We do have some national links as well.

We would like to clarify that while we are a non-profit religious organization sensitive to the needs of all of our community members, we are not licensed therapists or counselors and cannot provide these services. We are happy to direct you or your family in the right direction though! 

Should you need immediate attention please dial 911

These resources include: 

  • Domestic Violence and Abuse Resources

  • Houselessness Resources

  • Food Resources 

  • LGBT+ Resources

  • Senior Services

  • Drug and Alcohol Resources

  • Indigenous Resources

  • BIPOC Resources

  • Immigrant Resources

  • Disability Rights and Resources

  • Mental Health and Suicide Resources

  • Healthcare Resources

  • Workplace Resources

  • Military Resources

For the full resource list click HERE.

Dial 211 to connect to someone who can help with virtually any situation you may be facing!

* Columbia Grove, ADF reviewed our annual carbon footprint in 2021. We found that we have a small footprint and that we are able to offset most of our carbon footprint by planting trees as part of our regular annual volunteer activities and supplementing any additional footprint with small donations. We will continue to review our carbon footprint and our volunteer activities year after year. *

Volunteer Hours 

Many Columbia members donate their time, energy, and resources to help support the local Pagan and Non-Pagan communities here in Oregon and around the world.


For those able-bodied we do frequent hands-on plantings and land stewardship activities. We also host fundraisers and events that can be accessible to everyone! 


If you have a volunteer or fundraiser opportunity that you would like us to consider please don't hesitate to contact us! 

Volunteer Hours and Fundraisers for 2022

Total for 2022:

0 hours 

Number of Native Plants Planted: 0 (hands on)

*last updated Jan 14th 2022*


Volunteer Hours and Fundraisers for 2021

  • 18 hours with Tualatin Parks and Rec. 81 native shrubs and trees planted

  • 6 hours with the Sustainable Stormwater Symposium planning committee

  • 3 hours with the Cascade AIDS Project

  • 6 hours with Downtown Hillsboro Partnership and SOLVE

  • 9 hours with SOLVE: 40 native shrubs and trees planted

  • 18 hours with the Wetlands Conservancy of Oregon

  • 4 hours with Friends of Hoyt Arboretum

  • 1 hour with Bloodworks NW

  • 1.5 hours with the American Red Cross

  • 16 hours with Trailkeepers of Oregon

  • 9 hours with with Friends of Trees: 19 native shrubs and trees planted.

  • 3 hours Portland Parks Urban Forestry



  • Ongoing monthly Grove donation to White Mountain Druid Sanctuary in Trout Lake Washington

  • Ongoing monthly Member donations to Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA)

  • Member donation The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation

  • Member donation to Hoyt Arboretum Friends

  • Member donation to Sengirės fondas: Ancient Woods Foundation

  • Member donation to an Elder organization for the Navajo Nation


Total for 2021:

94.5 hours 

Number of Native Plants Planted: 140 (hands on)






 Volunteer Hours and Fundraisers for 2020

  • 36 hours with Friends of Trees (wetland restoration): 100 native tree/shrub species planted

  • 28 hours wetland restoration with Columbia Slough Watershed. 53 Native tree/ shrub planting

  • 12 hours invasive species removal at Leech Botanical Gardens. 

Total for 2020:

76 hours 

Number of Trees Planted: 153 (Hands-On)





Volunteer Hours and Fundraisers for 2019

  • 20 hours with Friends of Trees (Wetland Restoration) 69 native tree/shrub species planted

  • 64 hours of ADF Prison Ministry at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility

  • 17 hours wetlands amphibian survey work with Tualatin Parks and Recreation

  • 61 hours with SOLVE and Friends of Woods Park (Invasive Ivy removal) and SOLVE Beach Litter Clean-up in Seaside Oregon

  • Donation to National Forest Foundation (California Wildfire Restoration Fund): $160, 160 trees planted

  • 12 hours Pagan Prison Ministry at Oregon State Correctional Institution

  • 12 hours with Forest Park Conservancy doing trail restoration

  • 18 hours with Friends of Columbia Gorge (Native tree planting) 39 trees planted

  • 24 hours of litter pick up at Hoyt Arboretum

  • 34 hours of headstone cleaning (Cemetery Restoration) at Lone Fir Cemetery

  • Fundraising for the Cascade Aids Project: $420

  • Fundraising for the Portland Q Center (Queer resource center): $77

  • Fundraising for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: $ 738

Total for 2019 

262 Hours! 

Number of Trees Planted: 108 (Hands-On) and 160 through Fundraising


 Volunteer Hours and Fundraisers for 2018

  • 74 hours with Friends of Trees (wetland restoration and urban tree plantings)

  • 24 hours with SOLVE (removal of invasive species in a local cemetery)

  • 10 hours with Forest Park Conservancy (removing invasive species and park maintenance)

  • 9 hours with the Nature Conservancy (removing invasive species)

  • 14 hours beach litter removal

  • 18 hours of litter removal in Forest Park 

  • 15 hours of ADF Prison Ministry at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility


  • 385 hours of Prison Ministry work at the following: 

Oregon State Correctional Institution

Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution

Two Rivers Correctional Institution

Deer Ridge Correctional Institute

Total for 2018:

550 hours!
Number of Trees Planted: 102 (Hands-On) 


 Volunteer Hours and Fundraisers for 2017

  • 105 hours ADF Prison Ministry at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility

  • 6 hours for homeless outreach

  • 25 hours of headstone cleaning (Cemetery Restoration) at Lone Fir Cemetery

  • 97 hours at Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center

Total for 2017:

233 hours!


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