Grove Leaders

Senior Druid

 I'm Arin H, and I'm the one in the hat. I identify as transgender/genderfluid, and as such prefer the pronouns “they/them/their” or “he/him/his.”


I’ve been calling myself a pagan since about 2007 when I made a pretty smooth and amicable transition from fundamentalist Christian to tree-worshiping pagan. But despite a warm community of pagans to support me in college, I didn’t start any official training until 2014, when I joined ADF, looking for a place of study where they could feel at home. I was not disappointed. Then I went and joined Columbia, ADF in 2015, and since then I’ve grown very active in the community.


I’m a queer, polyamorous druid with witchy tendencies who lives my life a little sideways of the norm. I honor Lugh, Odin, and Artemis in regular practice, though I’m always happy to meet new deities! Despite the eclectic gathering of deities, I honor a more Celtic Hearth.


I’ve been singing since 8 years-old, and was raised in a very musical household; in fact, music has always had a certain magical quality for me.

When I’m not working with the Grove, I’m generally making money to sustain the habits of playing video games and buying books and binge-watching shows on Netflix. I’ve even been known to do some geeky cross-stitch from time to time.

If you see me, please feel free to come up and talk! I may be an introvert, but I love new friends. 


Chief Druid/Scribe

My name is Amber, some simply call me Spider.

*Spider has been my nickname since I was a little girl and I have always had an association with the beautiful creatures*


As a member of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF) and Columbia, ADF, I approach ADF with a strong History, STEM (Biology Major!) and Eclectic Witchcraft, background.
I work with the Nature Spirits and herbs/plants heavily, as well as honor the Celtic Hearth Culture. (My Patrons are Brigid and The Morrigan). 


I am the current leader of Columbia ADF’s Dedicant Path study group as well as lead the Nature Awareness Guild for our grove and I completed the ADF Dedicant Path as of January of 2017! I am currently working on the ADF Pre-Clergy Training Program. 

I Identify as a Neo-Druid, Celtic Polytheist, Green-Witch. (Or any combination of those!)

I am a Libra with a passion for reading, hiking, camping (all things outdoors really)
On a nerdy level, I am a huge X-Files fan, watch Fight Club at least once a year and Indiana Jones was my childhood hero.