Grove Leadership

Arin D'Wulf, Senior Druid (President)

 I'm Arin, and I'm the one in the hat. I identify as transgender/genderfluid, and as such prefer the pronouns “they/them/their” or “he/him/his.”


I’ve been calling myself a pagan since about 2007 when I made a pretty smooth and amicable transition from fundamentalist Christian to tree-worshiping pagan. But despite a warm community of pagans to support me in college, I didn’t start any official training until 2014, when I joined ADF, looking for a place of study where they could feel at home. I was not disappointed. Then I went and joined Columbia, ADF in 2015, and since then I’ve grown very active in the community.


I’m a queer, polyamorous druid with witchy tendencies who lives my life a little sideways of the norm. I honor Lugh, Odin, and Artemis in regular practice, though I’m always happy to meet new deities! Despite the eclectic gathering of deities, I honor a more Celtic Hearth.


I’ve been singing since 8 years-old, and was raised in a very musical household; in fact, music has always had a certain magical quality for me.

When I’m not working with the Grove, I’m generally making money to sustain the habits of playing video games and buying books and binge-watching shows on Netflix. I’ve even been known to do some geeky cross-stitch from time to time.

If you see me, please feel free to come up and talk! I may be an introvert, but I love new friends. 


Amber Araneae, Chief Druid and Scribe (Secretary)


My name is Amber, some simply call me Spider.

My pronouns are She/Her/Hers

I am currently the Chief Druid and Scribe for Columbia Grove and I lead the ADF Dedicant Path study group for our grove with monthly meetings to discuss a variety of topics. I lead a volunteer-focused Nature Awareness guild which focuses on monthly tree plantings, invasive species removal, nature walks, plant identification, clean-up efforts, and great discussions. I also preform ADF High Day rituals at Coffee Creek Correctional Women's Prison once a month. 

I approach my Druidry with a 15+ year background in eclectic plant-focused Witchcraft. (6 years now as a Druid.) 
I Identify as a Modern Druid, Polytheist. I predominantly work with the Irish Celtic pantheon and with the Good Neighbors (Fae Folk).

I'm a Libra with a passion for hiking, camping, backpacking and all things outdoors. I'm a Pacific Northwest girl through and through and spend a lot of time hiking to new waterfalls and caves. 

I just recently finished my degree in biological science focused in human genetics, invertebrate and plant and science. #DruidBiologist!

​If it involves, poisonous plants, venomous animals, insects, arachnids, amphibians, mollusks, shadow work, trees, science, parasites, human genetics, waterfalls, Irish history and mythology, or nature spirituality in general, you absolutely have my attention! 

Cynwise d'Warram:

I was first introduced to non-Christian gods in middle school, when I discovered Greek Mythology.  I think I read every book on Greek (and Roman) Mythology that I could find in my school and local city library multiple times (there weren't a lot of them). I'm sure if I had found books on Norse or Celtic mythology I would have devoured them just the same, but 40 years ago a small town was not really the place to find such things.  I spent my youth alternating between burying my nose in a book (usually fantasy), listening to music, and roaming the semi-wilderness around my house learning about plants from my mother.  By the time I graduated from college I considered myself pagan, but it wasn't until I found ADF in 2016 that I truly found someplace I feel I belong.  ADF combines my love of history, anthropology/archaeology, mythology, music, and nature all into one glorious polytheist package.


My interests are varied, which leads to reading about *all* the Indo-European hearth cultures that fall under ADF's umbrella. However, I mostly focus on the Anglo-Saxon hearth culture which ties to some of my other historical hobbies and to one of the names that I go by: Cynwise (kin-why-sa). I also honor Danu, having found Her during the first Imbolc ritual that I attended with Columbia Grove.  


I identify as a Neo-Druid, Polytheist, book-worm, gamer, crafter, jack-of-all-trades, ambivert and dabbler in art. I work to pay for my hobbies and the books with which I line my walls.