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Liturgy Circle


This is a new Special Interest Group just for the friends and members of Columbia. We will be meeting together once a week, online (for now) to talk about ritual!

This group won’t just be talking about our next ritual, though that may certainly come into play!

What the liturgy circle is actually going to focus on is building each other up as better ritual leaders and participants. This isn’t just for people interested in leading ritual, it’s also for people interested in learning how to be better participants in our own rituals and in others! Things like directing energy instead of keeping your hands in your lap, or why you have to try to get away from the script (I get it, believe me, I’m just as guilty as anyone else is!)

There will also be an opportunity for new ritual leaders to workshop their rituals as they build their comfort as leaders, and for old leaders to talk about ideas they have on how to shake things up, and run it past everyone else.

This will be intentionally a bit more chaotic than many of our other meetings. A topic will be brought to each meeting, and the floor opened up for brainstorming on it. Once conversation peters out, then the floor will be opened up for people to bring up their ideas, questions, and comments. So don’t worry if we get derailed, that’s intentional!

Okay, so really all this is doing is taking an established tradition many of us already have and giving it an assigned time, but if you're a Member of Columbia, then I hope you decide it sounds like a blast and join me online every month!

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