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Join us for our next High Day ritual! 

2024 Ritual Schedule

Imbolc: Irish Celtic - February 4th

Spring Equinox: Hellenic - March 23th

Beltane: Anglo-Saxon - May 5th

Summer Solstice: Irish Celtic - June 23rd

Lughnasadh: Welsh - August 4th

Fall Equinox: TBD - September 22nd

Samhain: Hellenic - November 3rd

Winter Solstice: Norse - December 21st

We create and post all of our rituals as events on our public Facebook pages

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A couple notes:

• The specific names of the rituals may change to reflect the cultural celebration chosen for that time of year. For example, while some may be familiar with the word “Samhain” as a holiday in early November, it is not a holiday name associated with Anglo-Saxon festivities so that name may change. The names on this graphic represent the most commonly known pagan holidays to mark on your calendars.

• All of our rituals are free to attend and open to everyone. We gladly accept donations to help cover some of our ritual costs but donations are not required to attend.

We look forward to a year of wonderful fellowship and fantastic rituals with you!

Grove Calendar of Events

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