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Columbia Grove's Official Statement on Isaac Bonewits

Content Warning: Discussion of sexual and minor abuse.

The Folks of Columbia Grove would like to issue a formal statement regarding the late founder of ADF, Isaac Bonewits. Bonewits has been accused of sexually molesting at least one child. The first public accusation was shared in 2018, and since then similar allegations have been shared by others who have bravely come forward.

Such actions are anathema to the core values of ADF and to Columbia Grove, ADF. They are entirely unacceptable, and we openly reject both these actions and Isaac Bonewits for perpetrating them. Columbia Grove, ADF endeavors to create a welcoming and safe environment for all, and that includes creating a culture of consent.

Isaac Bonewits may have founded the first grove, but the trees of ADF have spread to many groves around the world since. The many members who have joined since have grown ADF into a great forest that continues to grow and provide for many communities. Columbia Grove is just one of many, but we feel it important to make clear our stance on Isaac Bonewits. For his inappropriate actions towards children, we condemn and excise Isaac from our Grove. He is a blighted tree, one which threatens the rest of the Grove, and such sickness is intolerable for the health of the Grove.

From the ADF Mother Grove:
“To preserve the health of our organization, we must cut out the blight that is Isaac Bonewits’ legacy. We sever the ties both historical and spiritual that bind us to him. For his actions against children, Isaac Bonewits will no longer be named as a beloved ancestor of ADF, nor is he welcome at our sacred fire.

We pray that those in need of support and healing find that swiftly, members and non-members alike, and remind members that they may reach out the Members’ Advocate ( or Human Services Specialist ( for support.”

Columbia Grove, ADF holds with the Mother Grove’s statement. We openly declare independently that Isaac Bonewits is no longer counted as a beloved ancestor, nor is his spirit welcome at our sacred fire.

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