Columbia Grove's aim is to help fulfill the physical, spiritual, and intellectual needs of the Columbia-Willamette Pagan community. We hope to positively represent an Indo-European Polytheist religion through both public and private rituals, as well as through specific workshops and community projects. Our intent is to serve the greater good of the public and society as a whole through an adherence to meaningful social action. All pagans and pagan-friendly peoples are welcomed to join our rituals and they are Family Friendly as well. During our rituals we welcome the varied Gods and Goddesses of all our guests, their unique ancestors, and abundant spirits of nature.

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Blessed Imbolc!
Winter cross-quarter rite

When: Sunday February 2nd

Arrival: 3:30 PM and Ritual starts promptly at 4:00 PM.


West Hills Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

8470 SW Oleson Rd, Portland, Oregon 97223

The earth begins to warm with the first tendrils of spring. The waxing sun shines down upon the dirt as bulbs begin to reveal their green first leaves. Upon this transitional earth walks the multi-faceted Irish Goddess Brigid in all her radiance. Brigid is the Goddess of Fire and the Forge, Goddess of Healing, Goddess of Bardic inspiration and numerous other attributes. For this year’s Imbolc we invite you to join us in a celebration of candle-lit unity among one another in her honor. If you have any personal items to place upon the Brigid Shrine (Statues, photos, poems, candles items, etc) please bring them to be blessed by her and the energy of our rite.

We will assemble at 3:30 PM, the ritual itself starts at 4:00 PM sharp, and lasts about an hour and a half, followed by food and fellowship. We do not have a closed circle ritual so you are allowed to arrive late; we simply ask that you join us quietly.

We'd love for you to bring a dish to share at our potluck, but no one will be turned away from our table for lack of contribution; you'll find that our spread is always impressive and delicious, and many food sensitivities are regularly taken into account.

All are welcome to join the fun and festivities. No experience in Druidry required! Everyone is encouraged to take part in the merriment.

To help us present excellent public rituals, we suggest a donation of $5, but no-one will be turned away for lack of funds. Your donation will also enter you in our raffle, prize to be announced soon!

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This is Part the Mist, a podcast hosted by a couple of Druids. Arin and Jonathan are members of an ADF Grove in Portland, Oregon. They talk about a variety of topics that relate to Druidism and Druidry, including ancestor veneration, nature veneration, reciprocity, ethical behavior at public rituals, and various Hearth Cultures, among a variety of other topics, and they interview other Druids about their experiences and specialties. 

Nestled in the Mt. Adams territory, Columbia Grove, ADF welcomes you to share the long summer days with us at the White Mountain Druid Sanctuary, part of Trout Lake Abbey. Workshops, Communion, Rituals, and Fellowship amongst stone circles and streams. Learn from the spirits of the in-between. Join us as we become one with our Ancestors, Nature Spirits, Gods/Goddesses, and YOU!

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