Grove Members

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Coatney Cunningham  A.K.A. (Faolen Marrok)

-> Initiated as a Shaman of Herne in 2014.

-> Lived as a "pet Celt" amongst the Asatru / Heathens for 8 years.

Fellow wanderer of the path. Prone to wandering off to poke dead thing's with sticks or chase shiny things.

Walk 3 paths as one. Celtic-Asatru-Native American.

Originally from the bible belt (Fayetteville, NC)

Dedicated "Pain in the arse", "tail-puller" and trickster of the group.

Former band nerd -> may spontaneously burst into broadway showtunes.

And that guy that plays the Djémbé at rituals.

Glenn moved from the midwest to the Portland area in July 2015. Despite having had much exposure to ADF over the past several years, he did not become a member until September 2015 after meeting Columbia, ADF where he is now the Internal Relations Officer. His personal spiritual path has also lead him to Wicca, as well as Voodoo where he has been connecting with his heritage.


Having grown up in a conservative Christian household, Glenn is the child of a pastor and was homeschooled K-12 along with his 3 younger siblings. He held strongly to his beliefs, and it was his time in Iraq during his service in the Marine Corps that caused a transformation to manifest. As he got to know the people of Iraq, he began to see them differently; he went from wanting to destroy them, to being willing to give up his life to help them. When he returned to the United States his love and desire to help those around him continued to grow. His experience cause him to question everything he knew, everything about himself, and with an absolute openness began to pick apart everything he believed, everything he was, and began constructing himself into the person he wanted to be, the person he should be. Over time he has become the person he is now, and will continue to grow and better himself, sharing love with everyone who crosses his path.

Glenn has two dogs Bailey and Ciroc who are far more family than pets.  He loves ballroom dancing especially east coast swing, the outdoors, camping, hiking, shooting, and  archery,  but mostly he loves just being surrounded by amazing people

My name is Beth Peters.  I grew up in the Catholic church and transitioned from there to paganism, Wicca, and heathenism.  I discovered ADF in 2016 and have enjoyed honoring the Gods, ancestors, and nature spirits with the druids since then.  


I have been a member of Columbia Grove since 2017.  I honor the Gods of the Anglo-Saxon Hearth Culture and Thunor in particular.  I have begun co-leading rituals for Columbia in 2018. I really enjoy Columbia’s Bardic Group and have been working on updating our songbook and incorporating instrumental music in our rituals. I am also participating in the Dedicant study group and deepening my relationship with the three kindreds.  


I spend a great deal of time reading, knitting, and playing board or role playing games with friends.  I enjoy playing the Anglo-Saxon lyre, frame drum, and recorder.