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Our Members

If you are a member and want to include your bio and pic, please email them to


My name is Sam, and I use they/them pronouns. I grew up as a Christian, but in my late teens I became agnostic. I began researching wicca and paganism for a book series I am still currently writing, and I ended up stumbling upon Druidry in October of 2018. I found a lot of my core personal beliefs aligned very well with this path, so in November of 2018 I dedicated myself to it as a solo practitioner. It was in spring the following year, at Beltane, that I decided to branch out and join an order. I noticed ADF had a local grove, and a public ritual for Beltane that weekend! My first experience was amazing. Columbia Grove has been my "pagan home" ever since. 


I am now a Celtic-Irish and Norse polytheist, Druid in training as I like to call it, Native American ally/activist with a specific interest in the Cherokee tribe and those tribes local to us, and lover of all things nature and health. I take a recon approach to my practice, but understand and see the validity of neo practices as well. I do a lot of work with ancestors, telluric energy, social advocacy, herbs, helping others with health/nutrition, and being of help wherever I can. Outside of my spiritual practices, I love reading, writing, sewing, documentaries, being outdoors (inside too!), connecting with others, and tending to my many many beloved plants. It's a running joke among a few of us that "Sam just knows things". 

My name is Beth Peters.  I grew up in the Catholic church and transitioned from there to paganism, Wicca, and heathenism.  I discovered ADF in 2016 and have enjoyed honoring the Gods, ancestors, and nature spirits with the druids since then.  


I have been a member of Columbia Grove since 2017.  I honor the Gods of the Anglo-Saxon Hearth Culture and Thunor in particular.  I have begun co-leading rituals for Columbia in 2018. I really enjoy Columbia’s Bardic Group and have been working on updating our songbook and incorporating instrumental music in our rituals. I am also participating in the Dedicant study group and deepening my relationship with the three kindreds.  


I spend a great deal of time reading, knitting, and playing board or role playing games with friends.  I enjoy playing the Anglo-Saxon lyre, frame drum, and recorder.

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