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Letter from the Scribe (Sept 2020)

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Our blog lives again!

Hello everyone! Have you ever wondered just what on earth Columbia Grove is working on or discussing each month? Well, look no further! Moving forward, I will be writing a little recap summarizing what is going on during our monthly grove meetings! Let’s dive in.

September 2020

  • Together we discussed the creation and first steps on building our End of Life committee. This committee will work on handling requested death arrangements for our friends and members.

  • We created official special interest group forms for our grove members which means that there may be new groups on the horizon! All of our special interest groups (such as Liturgy Circle, Nature Awareness Guild, and our Bardic Group) are open to the Friends and Members of Columbia Grove. There are current whispers of a new Divination guild!

  • Lastly, we discussed THIS! Breathing life back into our blog and newsletter! You can expect blog posts from our Senior Druid (Arin), an article from our Chief Druid/Scribe (Spider), grove meeting recaps, and regular ritual reviews. There will also be content submitted from our members from time to time. Our newsletter will be going out every quarter on Solstices and Equinoxes so look for our first Newsletter in the next couple weeks!

Welcome to the fun!

If you are interested in joining Columbia Grove as an official Friend of Columbia feel free to check out the membership part of our website and/or email us at!

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