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Imbolc 2019 recap

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Friends, members, and attendees at Columbia Grove's 2019 Imbolc hold lit candles, and sing praise to Brigid
The image is very dark, with some faces visible, and dozens of lit candles burning bright.

On Saturday January 27th, members and friends of Columbia Grove along with our beloved guests celebrated the High Day of Imbolc as one united pagan community. This ritual was held indoors and we had an excellent turnout of many old and new faces. This rite was led by Amber and Cheriti, and our members Ari, Indigo, Arin, Corwind, David, Pence and Buffalo also took invocations and roles to create a rite full of teamwork and magical energy. This Imbolc rite was to Brigid, Triple Goddess of Smithwork, Healing and Poetry, Goddess of Women, Children and Rebirth. As one tribe we called upon The Morrigan as our protector to watch and shield us from harm. We called upon our Earth Mother as Danu and our sovereign Goddess Columbia named after the river that sustains us. Manannán mac Lir was invoked as our psychopomp, our gatekeeper, with a chanting invocation to open the gates and allow us safe passage to commune with our three Kindred; the Ancestors, the Nature Spirits, and the Gods and Goddesses which were appropriately honored by members of our community.

Buffalo invokes Brigid, as Spider looks on from behind him, her reflection clear in the window
A curly haired man reads an invocation from a page. Reflected in the dark window in front of him is the image of a woman in a white and red dress.

Brigid was invoked with cream, fire and a devotional song in native Irish Celtic.

For the main working of this rite guests wrote down something that needed Brigid’s powerful and careful healing within their lives onto a strip of cellulose dissolving paper that was mixed into a glass container symbolic of her well. A few drops of sacred water that had been retrieved from one of her healing wells in Ireland hallowed our well. After mixing their healing wishes to Brigid, guests cemented their devotion with three falls of hammer to anvil. Each guest received a candle that was lit from candles that had touched Brigid’s sacred flame in Ireland. We held our candles high to Brigid as we sang songs to her.

Our Seer, Arin, pulled the following Omens: The Ancestors gave us the Bee. They remind us that we have community and that we are never alone. We follow in the footsteps of our ancestors and they walk alongside us

The Nature Spirits gave us the Cow.

Not only are we to acknowledge our community but lets not forget that we have a living family as well. We were told not to forget the mothers in our life, be them blood or spiritual for they have gave and/or give us life.

The Shining Ones (Gods and Goddesses) gave us the Bull.

They encourage us to see our strength, and to acknowledge the wealth in our lives

The Goddess Brigid gave us the Blackbird.

She offered a message that we are not to forget that the world is fluid and ever changing. Her message was that things may change, for good or ill, and that we will always come out on top if we accept change as a part of life. Overall our message from the Three Kindred and Brigid When change is upon us we will thrive best if we hold onto our community and family. We are blessed wealthy in love and support so long as we seek it out when we need it. We look forward to celebrating a Hellenic Greek)Spring Equinox “Festival of Flowers” with you all on Saturday March 16th! Until then, Happy Midwinter and may you stay warm in body, soul, heart and mind!

~ The Friends and Members of Columbia Grove

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