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Mother's Night Yule, 2018

Written by Arin D'Wulf

On December 15th, 2018, 37 members of the Portland Pagan community came together to honor the Winter Solstice. Our rite was a Mother's Night in the Anglo-Saxon tradition. We called on Thunor, god of Thunder, to protect our rite and guard the Outdwellers. For inspiration we called and offered to Woden. The Earth mother we named Erce, and offering of song was made to strengthen our relationship with our sovereign goddess Columbia. To open the gates we called out to Hama, creating the magic with him that was required to make sacred space. This ritual was held in honor of the Goddesses and Mothers, and those who walk with the Mothers. It was also held in honor of Horsa.

Offerings were made to the Mothers, and to the Kindreds three. And as we all sang Wassail, Horsa trotted out to ask for offerings. Chocolate Coins were offered, which Horsa accepted on behalf of the Nature Spirits and the spirit of the horse.

A man wears a white sheet and a mask in the shape of a skeletal horse head. He is led by a woman in white. Audience members look on with laughter and offer chocolate coins.
Spider guides Horsa as we all sing Wassail...she also makes sure He doesn't cause TOO much trouble!

We took blessings from the Ancestors, Nature Spirits, and Shining ones, in the form of Rune cards from the Anglo-Saxon books. Beth, who lead the ritual, also took the omen.

Ancestors: Cen, Torch

Nature Spirits: Man, Mankind

Deities: Gyfu, Gift

The Ancestors remind us to carry the torch of leadership with courage.

The Nature Spirits remind us that mankind is mortal and we need each other's fellowship.

The Deities remind us to be hospitable and generous. We give that we may receive.

An altar with three cards in black and white. The first card shows a chalice containing flame, the word "torch" The second card shows a representation of three figures, the word "Man". The third card shows an elderly figure holding something out, the word "gift"
The omen from the 3 Kindreds

We would like to extend our thanks out to everyone who helped make this ritual a success. Beth and Arin for leading the ritual. Spider, David, Ari, Cheriti and Corwind for their help taking parts during ritual. And of course thanks goes to all the Friends of Columbia who helped with setup, and with the kitchen on Saturday.

Join us on January 27th, as we honor Brigid at Imbolc!

Photo credit to Cheriti and Eidh.

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