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Roman Mighty Dead Ritual 2018

Written By David

Saturday, November 4th, 37 people, Grove members and guests, gathered together to face and expel their demons. Mars was called as the warrior, the Earth was honored in her aspect as Magna Mater, and Apollo was called upon for his gifts of inspiration. The Goddess Columbia was respectfully honored with song. Janus was called upon and honored as our gatekeeper. The ritual was held in honor of the ancestors that we know as well as those unknown to us. Two of our members embodied our ancestors to accept offerings from the ritual attendees.


Nature Spirits: The Hanged Man - Sometimes getting where you're going requires sacrificing the path you originally took to get there. It feels like a step backwards, but only because pride can blind you to other ways. If letting go of that pride means you find a better, smoother path, then that's a sacrifice worth making.

The Shining Ones: Four of Swords - You can't go full speed forever. Remember to take the time to relax, reflect, and recuperate. Stopping to catch your breath is not the same as giving up.

Ancestors: The High Priestess and The Empress - The women of the past are watching. Harness the gifts of wisdom and compassion they have given you. Walk with love and intuition. (i.e. Don't disappoint your grandmas)


Later on, two of our other members arrived as aspects of the demons that haunt us so we could make offerings of appeasement to them and remove them from our lives.  Dis Pater was called upon to release his hounds who were encouraged by a powerful wave of emotions from the ritual attendees, to gather the demons and return them to Dis Pater. 

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